NFX Ecosystem Partner System!

Platform of services and tools for investors in the crypto market.

Be a partner and participate in daily Smart Bônus!

Smart Tools

We have intelligent tools that operate in the crypto market providing a constant and solid return.


We work through our own exchange and we select the most reliable services and tools to offer the maximum possible security.


We are always looking for the best and most current in the digital market to offer cutting-edge services.

Learn more about NFXPartner

NFXPartner is one of the NFX platforms that was developed to offer the opportunity for people to become partners thus receiving a daily bonus from part of the net income earned by the NFX ecosystem.

Within the NFXPartner platform every partner will also have access to the best tools and services for the crypto market.

We have a complete system from where we have:

  • Smart Retention Pool

    Intelligent retention pool that controls the return of cryptocurrencies to the market, thus generating their excaces and increasing their demand.

  • Affiliate Program

    An affiliate program that rewards its partners up to its 5th level of network providing it with a great result referring new partners to the platform that will automatically have constant growth.

  • High Performance Tools

    Smart tools that will provide partners with better results within the crypto market, maximizing their goals.

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Own Exchange!

Our partners will have their own ecosystem exchange, NFXTrade, a global exchange, with an interactive interface and several tools to carry out transactions!

NFXTrade is also included in the NFX ecosystem, so it will also be responsible for generating profit revenues which partners will also be participating daily through the daily Smart Bonuses.

Meet NFXTrade
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Ecosystem with its own cryptocurrencies

NFXPartner is part of an ecosystem that has two cryptocurrencies of its own.
NFXCoin (ERC-20) and NFXToken (BEP-20), further enhancing the results of its partners.

NFXCoin contract NFXToken contract

A little about our cryptocurrencies!


Token (ERC-20) created on the Ethereum network and launched at the end of 2017, to enable the construction of the NFXTrade exchange, which will consequently be the currency used in the trading fees carried out within the exchange.


Token (BEP-20) created on the Binance Smartchain network in mid 2021. NFXToken will be responsible for the viability of trades within NFXPartner and will also be responsible for the liquidity and burning of NFXCoin which will be burnt up to reach a total suply of 70,000,000 (seventy million) in the market

Some of our tools!

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Smart Bônus

Smart Bonus Packs that will receive daily bonuses from part of the profitability of the entire NFX ecosystem

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Smart Stake

Smart Bonus Packs that will receive daily bonuses from part of the profitability of the entire NFX ecosystem

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Artificial intelligence operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within your Binance account

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    More than fifteen hundred members!

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    More than four million NFXCoin in the retention pool!

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    Over ten thousand smart bonuses sold!